42nd Street and Fifth Avenue (entrance on 42nd Street)
New York City, New York

A night in which Miranda July and her friends Becky Stark and David Byrne gather together to create a feeling of belonging. Miranda will read stories, Becky will sing songs, and David will ask Miranda questions. In moments the audience may also be asked to sing or read or ask questions of Miranda or of themselves. One thing is for certain, Miranda will not sing.

Miranda July's collection of short stories, No One Belongs Here More Than You, was published this month by Scribner. Becky Stark's album with her band Lavender Diamond, Imagine Our Love, was released this month by Matador. Both these works were enjoyed by David Byrne, who has released many albums and published many books, most recently, Arboretum, from Mc Sweeney's.

Added by kathrynyu on May 14, 2007