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MiniBar September
Ignites London

Following our summer specials when everybody is back from holiday we will have some cool, new start ups and some fun ideas at Septembers MiniBar. On September 28th we will socialize with FREE BEER, tech DIY fun and new start up ideas.

We are still working on the program, but Manolis (the one with the interactive book) who was not there last time will come (see below):
* Spreadshirt
* School of Everything
* Miomi

Supported by: BBC Innovation, O'Reilly and Spreadhirt

The MiniBar Mantra

MiniBar is a social evening in East London which offers people a chance to snaffle some free beer while discussing p2p, Creative Commons, web applications, social networking and general Web 2.0 (3.0) mayhem & fandango.

Following O?Reilly?s successful Ignite events in Seattle we have now tightened our start-up presentations. When you present you?ll have 3 minutes each and the clock is counting down.

Here you can find people who will help you making your next project work. The event is what we call ?useful fun?. Usually there are 250+ of London?s - and beyond - finest web entrepreneurs, designers, programmers, tech journalists, bloggers, VC?s, and technology freaks.

What we offer:

- Web-Entrepreneurs can present their start-up and tech ideas
- Presentations will be archived at
- Some start ups will be featured on O?Reilly GMT, the European O?Reilly blog
- the best ones will be invited to present at O?Reilly Web 2.0 Expo in Berlin

And of course, Free Drinks, A Lot of Fun and many Useful People
Who you will meet?

From famous digerati and tech investors such as Esther Dyson (angel investor in Flickr and delcious), Mark Shuttleworth (Ubuntu), to tech journalists (Guardian, BBC), bloggers (OpenBusiness etc), Open Source developers (Drupal, Ubuntu), web designers, Creative Commons enthusiasts, web entrepreneurs (, eCourier, Tioti) to many coders, media artists and other generally useful, interesting and hyper connected people.
Past presentations include: Drupal user group, Esther Dyson,, Magnatune, BookMoch, Tioti, Modfilms, BurnStation, Mix&Mash
What's Next?

We have started a job board where you can find people with the skills you need, or where you can post a project idea, offer your skills and find interesting people to work with. In the future a dedicated website will extend the job-board with an online presence.

More Info at: and

Official Website:

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