6 Zhongyang Road
Nanjing, Jiangsu

【时 间】:2007年11月11日 晚8:00
【地 点】:古堡酒吧(The Old Castle Bar,Nanking)   
The Los (hefei,miniless recordings & lie-records)    
Muscle Snog (shanghai,miniless recordings)  
Monkey Power (hangzhou,miniless recordings)   
CDGE (shanghai,miniless recordings)  
Fading Horizon (nanjing,miniless recordings)
Guest Bands:
7月16 (Nanjing)
8 eye spy (Nanjing)
【Student Ticket Price】:22(send your name and # of tickets, email miniless{a}gmail.com or sms to 13645163469)
【Bus Routes:】:1路 3路 25路 31路 33路 34路 35路 38路

info stolen from http://miniless.yculblog.com/post.2853969.html

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