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Seattle Mind Camp is a self-organizing, digitally minded, entrepreneur-driven, overnight Seattle confab. What happens when you put 300 of the smartest Seattlites in a creative environment for 24 hours? We are not sure either, but we would like to find out. Time to meet and connect with those involved in the interesting projects going on in Seattle.

Official Website: http://mindcamp.gearlive.com/

Added by stewtopia on July 20, 2007


Andru Edwards

Tickets for the event are available at:



Andru: can you put something up here or on the gearlive site that might tell first-timers what to bring, how to prepare (if at all), and what to expect? i can sort of glean what it's all about from blog posts but it'd be hugely helpful if you could post a primer somewhere.



The early bird period to buy tickets ended early than it should have!

It was supposed to be all of Nov 30th.
Tried to buy tickets On Friday night..... grrrr
(should continue early bird for another day!)