3086 s. 20th Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

If you're interested in learning small flash off-camera lighting, then this might be worth your time. If you're an experienced Strobist, this is your chance to share your knowledge and help out your fellow CC'ers.

Here's the plan. We meet up for a delicious burger at Fritz's pub and have a tasty beverage or two. After dinner, we'll have a brief collaborative instruction period.

This time, the topic is "Basic Strobist Practice And The One Light Set Up." We'll chat about the Strobist philosophy, equipment, manual settings, and gels. This will move pretty quickly. We'll then do a couple basic one light set ups and have a little bit of practice time.

If there's enough interest and it works out for Fritz's (i.e. they make some money and we don't bust the place up), my intent is do this a couple more times, covering "Basic Two Light Set Ups" and then "Practice Night: Doing A Shoot from Start To Finish."

If you're interested in coming, maybe you could express your interest here so I don't show up alone! Also, if you're already Strobist equipped, we could use a couple of volunteers to bring a rig or two to share if we're getting more than a handful of people for this on this thread.

Finally, thanks to Fritz's Pub for agreeing to host us.

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