7613 W State Street
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53213

This is the first meeting of the Milwaukee Strobist group.

This group gathers from a shared interest both in photography and off camera lighting, and a common source of resources at Strobist.com and Flickr.com.

To join us, please sound off in the event home page discussion (Flickr), and what will be required is a camera, off camera lighting, and a way to trigger your off camera lighting. We will not have AC power available, so battery powered speedlights are recommended, with whatever triggering method you prefer (RF, IR, CLS, etc).

If you want to just come and watch and learn, that's cool too! We might pull you in for model duties though :D

Official Website: http://www.flickr.com/groups/[email protected]/discuss/72157608093811625/

Added by mainfr4me on October 14, 2008


madison nikon

I am interested in attending this event - Nov 8th is fine! I'll be driving from the Madison area bringing a couple of SB800's and PWII's.


Very cool!


I'm planning on attending, not sure if I'll be able to participate or observe... I ordered AlienBees equipment that needs to be plugged in.
I'm completely new to the whole strobe thing so if I can't participate I'll hopefully be able to learn from others.
My husband will also be joining.
Thanks for sharing this opportunity!


Heck yea, show up still. Hopefully there will be a lot to learn from each other!


Is there any group of stobists nearer to illinois? I am quite interested. Cheers. Agnes. http://www.plumtreestudio.com/


@plumtreestudio -
you may want to check out the Chicago Flickr group - so far I cannot find a dedicated Strobist group in Illinois, but I would not doubt there being enough folks in the Chicago that would be up for it.

Otherwise, you're welcome to come and join us - we won't tease ya too much :D




I belong to the Madison Flickrmeets group and will be joining also. There's another flickr friend who might come along and he can only stay an hour. We'll see. Can't wait.




I'll be there


Oooo... pick me!!


Ummmmmm --- you over there, Simon. Yeah Simon you can come too