2400 Plymouth Avenue North
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411

Improvised Music / Free-Jazz

"Milo has played drums since 1961 (informal studies with Elliot Fine); piano since 1966 (studies with James Allen 1966-67); B Flat clarinet since 1974; alto clarinet since 1992; and E flat clarinet since 2002. (He also played bass clarinet from 1989-1997.) His initial contact with the marimba was in 1959, and he returned to it in 1990. In 1980, Milo invented the m-drums, a percussion kit made up of "found objects", broken cymbals, and the like attached to a practice pad set. In 1987, this kit evolved into the m-drums II, which incorporates low tech electronics. (Instruments such as the cello, trombone, accordian, violin, and celeste have also been, and, as regards the latter two, continue to be part of Milo's arsenal.) He also utilizes low tech electronics in conjunction with the B flat clarinet and marimba." - Milo Fine "Background" (fetik3.com/milofine/)

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Nothing said about Shapiro in this write up? Looking forward to attending this event.

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