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"Every month at the Starz FilmCenter experience the ultimate in LIVE comedic restoration. Three local comics (Matt Vogl, Harrison Raines and Chris Atencio), armed only with their wits and three gleaming microphones, take on some of Hollywood's most questionable films. A unique film experience is yours for the taking when you believe in the magic of Mile High Sci-Fi! *MHSF is decidedly ADULT humor. If you decide to bring the kids, get ready to cover their ears.

Remember the good old days of computing? When a kick-ass computer meant a Commodore 64 with 10K of RAM and an 8.5" floppy drive?

10 PRINT "of course you do"
20 GOTO 10

Matthew Broderick stars as your typical high school kid. Likes girls. Likes video games. And of course he hates school, so he skips a lot. Except this time instead of calling his buddy Cameron and his girlfriend and going to a Cubs game, he stays at home and, using a machine with less computing power than a Nintendo Wii, manages to take control of the United State's nuclear arsenal and pushes the world to the brink of Armageddon. How was he able to do this? Because some douche bag used his kid's name as his password; that's how. So think about that the next time your IT guy bitches at you because your password is not complex enough."

Shows at 7 PM and 9:45 PM, Friday and Saturday

Official Website: http://www.denverfilm.org/filmcenter/detail.aspx?id=21756

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