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In the year 2029, with the world falling apart around them, the leaders of the world conveniently blame a woman from the past. So they figure if they just send someone back in time to whack her, everything will be groovy. Save the future by sending someone to the past - and do it without the assistance of Michael J. Fox and his Delorean. But the one they send back is not your average steroid-popping bodybuilder from the future. No, they send back The Terminator – a super high-tech lethal killing machine (and steroid popping body builder). Silly? Of course it is. But the filmmakers figured out the way to make a good Arnold Schwarzenegger movie: make him the lead, but only give him a few lines. Who can take on the Terminator? MHSF, that’s who. Bring it Governator. We’re waiting for you.

Bad movies. Good comedy. Watch in awe as the true purpose of filmdom’s biggest flops, dogs and bombs is revealed—to provide fodder for the hilarious live running commentary that distinguishes this interactive series, as a team of local comics simultaneously skewers and salutes the much-maligned likes of Flash Gordon, Barbarella and Escape from New York. Sponsored by Comedy Works, The Onion, Dale’s Pale Ale and Wahoo’s Fish Tacos.

Official Website: http://www.denverfilm.org/filmcenter/detail.aspx?id=21913

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