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Denver, Colorado 80204

Mile High Sci Fi: Swamp Thing

120 Minute Running Time

Friday, July 24 & Saturday, July 25 at 8pm
Mile High Sci-Fi is back at with the Denver Film Society doing shows at the Starz FilmCenter! To celebrate their return home, The Prodigal Film-Mockers present SWAMP THING. No, not your ex-girlfriend. Not an inbred Louisiana hillbilly. Swamp Thing is one of MHSF's most-requested films!

Wes Craven's 1982 cinematic mess, Swamp Thing is the story of Dr. Holland, a brilliant scientist who less-than-brilliantly decides that a bug-infested deep-south swamp would be the perfect place to build a lab and set up shop. It is also the perfect place to catch malaria, get eaten by an alligator or, in this case, get attacked by an army of thugs led by Dr. Arcane, a rival scientist (dare we say Deuling Scientists?!!) who, lacking a Swamp Lab of his own, resorts to swiping the inventions of other scientists. Oh no!! But a freak accident turns Dr. Holland into an actor in a giant rubber suit...uh...that is, Swamp Thing, who spends the rest of the film hunting down Dr. Arcane's army of thugs and gently tossing them into the water; not hurting them per se, but getting them very wet. That'll show 'em. The film climaxes with a showdown so ridiculous that it would make Ed Wood wince. Swamp Thing+DFS+MHSF= one hell of a reunion weekend. July 24th and 25th @ 8 pm.

Official Website: http://www.denverfilm.org/filmcenter/detail.aspx?id=22620

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