900 Auraria Parkway
Denver, Colorado 80204

Every month at the Starz FilmCenter experience the ultimate in LIVE comedic restoration. Three local comics (Matt Vogl, Harrison Raines and Chris Atencio), armed only with their wits and three gleaming microphones, take on some of Hollywood's most questionable films. A unique film experience is yours for the taking when you believe in the magic of Mile High Sci-Fi!

Don’t buy kids pets. It is really that simple. Just ask any upside-down parakeet, floating goldfish or a gerbil desperately licking the dry ball bearing on his empty water bottle whether parents should give their children pets, and they will say “of course not.” So why any parent thinks that giving the kiddies a pet Gremlin that is only one broken rule away from turning into a psychopathic death machine is a good idea is just way beyond us. But, this 1984 classic does have a few things going for it: It is scary. It is set at Christmas. And Phoebe Cates is in it. Can you say tri-fecta?! Spend the socially awkward weekend between Christmas and New Years with Mile High Sci-Fi and Gremlins. And next time, be a good parent and buy your children video games. Okay?

Official Website: http://www.denverfilm.org/filmcenter/detail.aspx?id=21387&FID=39

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