405 W Rosemary St
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27516

Mikabomb's a (mostly) female Japanese punk rock band from the UK coming through on their first USA tour. Promoting their 2nd full length cd, "Hellcats", Mikabomb has been filling venues in the UK and Europe with their amazing high-energy live performances.

One of Mikabomb's guitarists, Anko, is a former resident of the area and has this to add: "I'm afraid this night in Chapel Hill will be the result of complete selfishness, not only have I conned all my friends into coming to this night
("yah, i play in a japnese chic punk band", phhhh), but f@*kin' hell, somehow we managed to pull two of my alltime fav NC bands on this bill--
1) Crimson Spectre, don't let their make-up fool you, its them who've given "NC HXC" a credible edge again- they rock, thrash, and rock smore-- and also incidentally, John Rash of Slave Magazine/Records fame ; then, 2) everybody's favorite Durham_ites: Des_Ark. These kids are probably sick already of me telling them to come to The Continent, but it's only because I know the dire state of music scenes esp. here in the UK, need an Arkian swift-kick in the arse. Unfortunately, they've been subjected to a host
of comparisons that dont do 'em much justice-- esp. when they reinvent the blues more creatively than these other likened duo-counterparts, they rock harder than the PollyJean-- and I don't know think Kazu could let out HALF as a blood-curdling scream as Aimee. So yea.
Anyway, I'll stop blabbing on as I probably could, and just sum with: the nightlight gig will be less like a gig than, THE dream backyard summer party i've always wanted to have but never could. Let's not fail to mention 2 dolla PBRs. So yea, Des_Ark, along with us, and the Spectre, will all be selling new albums so don't forget to come equipped! Support your local punk slaves!"

Added by proteusguy on May 15, 2005

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