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You've been following the erotic digital love story, Miracle in July (aka: MIJ) for months. Draft One is complete, and it's time to send our favorite author on to her next phase with a Kickstarter Party!

Join us for an entertaining evening of music, door prizes, signature cocktails, tasty MIJ swag, and a public address by the author herself! Check out the Kickstarter incentives (E-books, HipNest magnets, and Erotica, oh my)! Check out Michelle & Sarah's travel itinerary, see photos of the places they're going to visit, and put your name in a raffle for an authentic "DANMARK" 100% cotton T-shirt from Copenhagen.

For those who may have just discovered this digital romance, The Miracle in July is a modern love story told in the most modern way possible: via a vibrant set of photos, music and maps all published via an elegant Wordpress installation. MIJ is an interactive, genre-bending manuscript draft ready for the next phase of development: a hardback book.

Before that can happen, there's a long list of places featured in MIJ that must be digitally re-captured -- photos, sounds, video -- for future versions of the story. Long story short: Destination Denmark.

This is where you, dear reader, and the Kickstarter Project come in.

Kickstarter is a funding platform for artists, designers, filmmakers, musicians, journalists, inventors, explorers...you get the idea! Every dime funded toward this extraordinary publishing project goes toward production and promotion.

Find out how you can fund the Future of Storytelling and The Miracle in July by Michelle Anderson!


Meanwhile, pick your preferred connection, and follow Michelle's journey!

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Added by Lollyrae on May 12, 2010