444 Jessie St.
San Francisco, California

Added by dorkfish on December 11, 2006



w/ Ester Drang & Minipop (The Six Parts Seven no longer on the bill, apparently)

the wily filipino

Sold out already?? Boo!

the wily filipino

I didn't write anything down, so here's Midlake's setlist, off the top of my head:

1. We Gathered In Spring
2. Roscoe
3. Van Occupanther
4. In This Camp
5. Balloon Maker
6. Some Of Them Were Superstitious
7. Children of the Grounds [at least that's what the title sounded like]
8. Young Bride
9. Chasing After Deer
10. Bandits
11. Head Home


12. It Covers The Hillside
13. Branches

Exit music: Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne"

And I dug how people were singing along to America's "Sister Golden Hair" while Midlake was setting up the stage.


Loved how they came onstage after
"Onward" by Yes played. In its entirety.

So nice.