214 East Sixth Street
Austin, Texas

I've only heard Midlake before, but even if you can't stay for the headliner, it would be worth the price of admission. These guys are awesome. Check out the 'music' link over at midlake.net

UNCUT Music Magazine - By Simon Goddard
"Recorded at home in Denton, Texas, mixed at Abbey Road in London (by label patron/ex-Cocteau Simon Raymonde) and adored in France (where its been available two months ahead of the rest of the world), Midlake's debut has already encouraged ecstatic comparisons with The Flaming Lips and Radiohead. That'll be the formers stratospheric harmonies (take opener, "They Cannot Let It Expand", like some Fisher-Price toy Yoshimi tribute) and the sometimes vexing vocal similarity between singer Tim Smith and Thom Yorke then? Whatever, the two elements fuse beautifully on the mistily majestic "Kingfish Pies", the hypnotizing highpoint on an album which more than merits the high expectations such prestigious peer evaluations invite." 4 Stars

Added by helloali on October 4, 2004