1940 9th Street NW (GREEN LINE)
Washington, D.C., District of Columbia 20001

WASHINGTON, DC-Question: What happens when technology becomes dirt cheep, all the software you would ever need ends up at your fingertips and the entire catalog of recorded sound through human history is free for your taking & manipulating?

Answer: The Midatlantic Laptop Battle! On February 12, a diverse group of technically proficient laptop jockeys will square off at DC 9 for one of the most challenging cutting edge cultural phenomenon?s sweeping the nation. The battle revolves around contestants using only their laptop soundcard to musically outperform each other in a series of elimination rounds.

A panel of prominent music industry professionals will judge on performance, originality, sound quality, vibe, and crowd reaction. The outcome of each battle is decided out of a total score of 10 in all categories. This sonic melee promises to be an unprecedented unpredictable night of high drama, high-tech hijinx, and even higher volume.

Modeled after DMC DJ battles, the laptop battles began last year on the West Coast spear headed by Kris Moon of the Fourth city arts collective. Moon himself has been collaborating with negativespace.org to bring the largest yet, of these battles to the East Coast.

This will be an event representative of the music technology scenes from the entire mid Atlantic region with contestants from as far way as Philly and Richmond converging on dc for this show of sonic prowess. A number of styles and sounds are sure to represented.

Catch it before the RIAA catches us!

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21+ 6-dollars

Added by pat b on February 3, 2005