323 New Cross Road, Rocklands
London, England SE14

punk/pop/electro summer solstice expo of alternative

All Dayer(mini fest)
Saturday 21 June

New Cross Inn (the stage - art gallery music bar)
Kate&Tristan (the shop - streetwear boutique of the uppest coming designers)

323 New Cross Road, London SE14 6AS
Entry : £3


The Darling Reds, Kids Love Lies, Obvious Books, Olympians, The Hancocks, Dead Media & DJ Hosts: Dead Otter
(2pm-8pm All Ages)

(18+ stay in after 8pm for)
Chew Lips, The Skuzzies, Jong Pang, compere Phil Licks & DJs Stereo-Slapper, The Heartbreakers, Dirty Sounds

art, visuals, noise&peace, photography, filming, playing class friends eating spuds, fashion, anti fashion and frolics

The doc, Mid Summer Dream, being created.

KATE&TRISTAN (2pm-midnight)launch party (and CHEW LiPS debut live in a Kitchen) footage @ http://www.fuzzed.tv/profile/music-tourist-board

Playing Class Friends event

Contact: http://www.myspace.com/artfulmtb
079 8320 6218

Fuller info

CHEW LiPS: Stagger-inducingly marvellous quirky electro pop stars recently graced the Clash Mag party. Ready to kick up their heels, gloriously - cracking beats. (11pm ish) http://www.myspace.com/chewlips
THE SKUZZIES : Antagonistic, dirty new wave “With blistering solos, rock star posturing and beefy rhythms, The Skuzzies are a glam punk ideal.” (Artrocker) The News at Ten ish.
THE DARLING REDS : Dub rock newer wave heroes, recently played an authentic riot of a return show - get wild to em (7pm ish)
KIDS LOVE LIES : Hot to trot post-punktastica buzz pop darlings play special 3pm show
JONG PANG : Highly fancied electro producer (”saucy, swoop-pop chic.” - NME) warms up for the scandinavian Festivals with incredibly engaging leftfield pop. “Even if (Jong Pang) was extremely expensive and sold illegally on the street by crazy, murderous dealers, I would buy it.” - Vice Magazine (9pm ish) http://www.myspace.com/jongpang
OBVIOUS BOOKS : "I sincerely hope they cease to exist soon before everyone is dancing to their mindless post-punk dancehall classics" - Geoff Travis, Rough Trade Records ttp://www.myspace.com/obviousbooks
OLYMPIANS : Ferocious pop hooked punk energy recently lit up Camden Crawl . From Bridge Gang's sparking ashes, Olympians were created in a boy factory, and are unleashed around 5ish. http://www.myspace.com/olympians1
DEAD MEDIA : Infectious upstarts with ballsy powerpop and lively live shenanigans and a song called Beating Heather Mills To Death With Her Own Leg.
THE HANCOCKS : Straight outta Peckham ska-punky energy fizz bombs ready to be adored and abhorred in equal measure

& DJs DEAD OTTER bangin' electro mash up putting the sick in music http://www.myspace.com/ravingottersofdeath

STEREO-SLAPPEER : Purveyor of the amazing Panda Power Parties
http://www.pandapower.net and
& friends (i.e. the legendary beyond the call of rock'n'roll duty, DIRTY SOUNDS etc)

"A Mid Summer Dream"
Photography: Various.
Filming by whoever wants to take some clips of the day, plus the young, cool outfit LOOSE BELT http://www.myspace.com/loosebeltproductions and NICOLA PRITCHARD who makes short films for Digital TV channels.
Writing: by various sussed music fans, plus reportage of the day by rock biographer NINA ANTONIA
Decor: Space Pirate Fairyland
Visuals at the venue and shop:
EARWAX RADIO http://www.myspace.com/earwaxradio
"Rabble-rousing, word-spreading, tune-disseminating duties you’d have wanted from pirate radio once upon a time". (Time Out Magazine)
Collecting CDs for their next shows at the shop.

Ah, you know how it is, no doubt other stuff and what have you

Cat Walk, Travel...
(New Cross/New Cross Gate rail (approx 2-3 mins), Deptford Bridge DLr (approx 5 mins) & buses 321, P13, 21, 53, 136, 171, 172, 177, 225, 436 (24 hrs), 453 (24 hrs), N21, N89, N136, N171)
...& PARTY

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/artfulmtb

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