Technikerstr. 21a
Innsbruck, Tyrol

our second conference on Learning & Working in New Media Environments taking place in June in the beautiful city of Innsbruck, at the ICT-Technologiepark. It will not be just another e-learning conference. 2005 was great! (See the 2005 conference site for photos, papers and presentations). The MICROLEARNINGG conference aims to create a meeting space for people from previously separated fields and discourses. You will meet innovators, professionals and enthusiasts from academia, corporate training, ICT and web/media culture. You will get new ideas about micromedia and elearning 2.0, about blogs and smartphones, about the Wireless Web 2.0 and microcontent, about m-learning and e-learning, about emerging new workflows and lifestreams both of knowledge workers and the mobile youth, about ways of splitting knowledge in "microactivities"/"microimpulses" and reframing it in the mind of the media user, and much more. Contact us [], if you have any questions or need help finding an appropriate room. See you in Innsbruck!

Added by vanderwal on February 27, 2006