100 Carl St. (at Cole Street)
San Francisco, California 94117

17 folks came out to last week's weekly meetup dinner ( http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/831549/ ) so we are doing it again!

The microformats community and adoption have grown considerably over the last year, and news of adoptions (and once in a while challenges) come up frequently enough (at least once a week) that there are no shortage of new topics to discuss on a weekly basis.

Once again, just over 24hours notice (well, for the location, you could say the name ("weekly") gave you a clue about the time :)

Also on Pownce: http://pownce.com/t/notes/2627529/

Official Website: http://microformats.org/wiki/events/2008-07-01-weekly-meetup-dinner

Added by tantek on June 30, 2008