320 3rd Street
San Francisco, California 94107

The microformats community and adoption have grown considerably over the last year, and news of adoptions (and once in a while challenges, like the BBC) come up frequently enough (at least once a week) that there are no shortage of new topics to discuss on a weekly basis.

Kicking off this first in a series with just over 24hours notice.

Come join us for some cafe style Indian food!

Also on Pownce: http://pownce.com/t/notes/2558970/

Official Website: http://microformats.org/wiki/events/2008-06-24-weekly-meetup-dinner

Added by tantek on June 23, 2008



damn, too sick to attend. i am totally psyched to delve into MF and hope to make the next one!


Thanks to everyone that came to the first microformats weekly meetup dinner!

This time slot seems to work well for lots of folks so same time next week. With perhaps a new venue to keep things interesting. Feel free to make venue suggestions!