bottom level, 865 Market St.
San Francisco, California 94103

It's the 3rd anniversary of the launching of!

Let's grab some informal eats in the nicely air conditioned Westfield food court.

Wear ur microformats tshirt, bring ur microformats stickered laptop and take MUNI/BART to Powell station, stay underground and walk directly to the food court.

We'll grab one of the bigger central tables.

After eats, a short walk to the Laughing Squid drinkup on 3rd st.

Official Website:

Added by tantek on June 20, 2008



granted this has passed and it's semantics (but Tantek's loves them!), but it's not the San Francisco Shopping Centre is not called "Westfield." It's called what I just wrote. Westfield is the parent company that owns a bunch of malls. If you were on LA and you said, "lets go the Westfield Food Court!" No one would know what you mean and generally give you dirty looks.

Yes, it was entirely necessary for me to bring this up.