bottom level, 865 Market St.
San Francisco, California 94103

Lot's of amazing microformats developments in the past week (and month!)
* Oomph 2 shipped (with value-class-pattern and hMedia support)
* Google Rich Snippet tester - to see how your microformats show up in Google
* Emily Lewis upcoming book Microformats Made Simple is done being edited - for pre-order
* microformatsDevCamp was a huge success
* all outstanding hCalendar issues resolved* (with consensus on the dtend issue)

Come by the Westfield Shopping Center Food court, new area, lower level, and join fellow microformats community members in talking about all the exciting recent developments and what new developments are just around the corner.

Official Website:

Added by tantek on August 30, 2009



Will be a bit late but should be there by around 7:30ish. See y'all tonight!