330 Ritch Street
San Francisco, California

By now, most have us have either seen "An Inconvenient Truth", read a story on Global Warming, or heard Jon Stewart ridiculing our lack of environmental policy. But what is going on locally in regards to climate change?

San Francisco has stepped up to address the issue in many ways ranging from:
- Developing ordinances dictating energy efficiency in homes
- Committing to a goal of zero waste
- Promoting transportation alternatives
- Exploring a wide variety of renewable energy possibilities

All of these issues were included in the San Francisco Climate Action Plan, unveiled in 2004. The plan's goal is to reduce San Francisco's greenhouse gas emissions 20% below 1990 levels.

Melissa Capria, the first climate action coordinator for the city and county of San Francisco, will outline the expected impacts of climate change here in the Bay Area. She will then open a discussion on the city's climate action plan, including an assessment on how we're doing 3 years into the 8 year plan.

This event is a unique opportunity to engage the city in a frank discussion on climate change. Please come prepared with your ideas on how our community can make the transition to a carbon constrained future!

Presenter: Melissa Capria, San Francisco Climate Action Coordinator


Official Website: http://www.sciencecafesf.com

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