Civic Center
San Francisco, California 94102

the RADAR reading series
a showcase of underground + emerging writers + artists

tuesday december 12 2006


ROBERT MAILER ANDERSON, author of the best-selling novel “Boonville"; who has recently spending his time writing screenplays; who is a board member of SF JAZZ, a Golden State Warrior season ticket holder, and a Green Party member; and who is producing children with his wife at an alarming rate.

from Olympia, Washington, BRIDGET IRISH; creator of short films and videos, still images, installation, performance, sound and music; who often uses pop-culture referents, parody and game-rule strategies while exercising relationships between body/action/site as an
integral part of her process; whose approach aims to dismantle boundaries between spectator and performer as she playfully engages audience participation. Bridget has exhibited nationally, solo and collaboratively. In 2001, she toured with Dr. Frockrocket's Vivifying (Re-Animatronic) Menagerie and medicine Show, printing shamrocks with her butt and performing Twister in the nude. She has been known to drum for SECS, a performa-band with songs and skits about life in the 9-to-5, but most recently performed with the Sex Workers Art Show Tour 2006, running naked through audiences across the nation to find her clothes.

from Toronto, AMANDA MILLER, a genealogist, freelance writer and editor who moonlights as a baker and is at work on a book about cake which will include recipes, short narratives, and the raciest photos of frosted treats ever to grace paper; who is web editor and writer for Topic magazine (, and is especially intrigued by other people’s stories—how they talk about themselves, what they do and don’t disclose, and the stories they never thought someone else would want to hear.

ED WOLF, who is originally from New York but has lived in San Francisco since 1976; who has performed at a variety of open mics around town and seen his work has published in numerous publications, including The James White Review, Prentice Hall’s Discovering Literature, and Christopher Street; who was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in 1996 and, after working in the HIV field for over 20 years, was named 2005's Outstanding National Prevention Educator of the Year by the

hosted by Michelle Tea
who will also bake cookies and give you one if you ask a question
during the totally excellent Q & A session following the readings.

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