56 S 12th St
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15203

Michael Penn is a thinking persons pop musician who has seemingly digested all that's good about the music of the past twenty-five years and processed it through his own very interesting perceptive filters. His technical mastery is supported by real soul and enlivened by real daring.
(Stereo Review)

Like Dylan, Penn has the ability to zigzag between the poetic and the conversational in his lyrics without missing a turn. The language that ebbs and flows through ...works its dramatic effects with half confessions, intriguing imagery, snippets of dialog, and a strong narrative voice tempered by a Lennon-esque gift for flat-out stunning melodies.
(Musician Magazine)

Official Website: http://www.clubcafelive.com/Calendar.asp?id=5&year=2007&intIndex=1509&intDay=5

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