551 Serra Mall
Palo Alto, California

?He makes the physical manipulation of objects into a uniquely profound and poetic form.? ?Los Angeles Times

For visual wonders and sheer fun, it?s hard to beat illusionist Michael Moschen. Glowing balls dance and crawl across his body. Fluid hoops seem to melt and shape-shift in his hands. The only juggler in history to receive a MacArthur Genius Award, Moschen deftly blends gravity-defying acrobatics, vaudeville, and pantomime with audience participation as he upends the laws of physics. This magical matinee will enchant the entire family.

Added by troy-vernon on July 19, 2005



Best seats all sold before I got ours -- I might have to visit the optometrist first, but it should still be a blast!


do do do do, do do do-do-doooo final countdown

it's an illusion, michael...

tricks are what whores do for money... or candy!