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*Mark* your calendars for Friday, February 23rd for the next Metaverse Meetup. Our special guest this time is the elusive Mark Wallace from 3pointD.com: First With the Metaverse (his card says it!).

For those who don't know him, Mark Wallace is editor of the Second Life Herald (secondlifeherald.com) and founder of 3pointD.com. On his watch 3pointD has become pretty much the go-to resource for news about all aspects of the metaverse: virtual worlds, games, geo, lifelogging, visualization, social networks, you name it. He's also currently guest authoring on the Terra Nova blog, which in the face of 3pointD somehow feels quaint (in a very good way).

We will use our evolving three act structure:

*Dinner, drinks, and shmoozing
*Return to an apartment for a short presentation from Mark
*Video games, conversation, media consumption, more drinking (if you'd like, until as late as you'd like)

Official Website: http://www.3pointd.com/20070213/february-23-metaverse-meetup-with-3pointd/

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