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Messaging Patterns for WCF Services
Michele Leroux Bustamante, IDesign Inc.

When you build a distributed enterprise system many flavors message exchange are available to meet the needs of different communication patterns. In this session I will discuss a variety of messaging patterns and how they satisfy different deployment and communication requirements for your services. I’ll discuss approaches for handling large messages such as MTOM and streaming; I’ll explain how classic message exchange patterns are employed while discussing the impact on service contract design and communications as you move from request/reply to introduce one-way operations or callback contracts (duplex); I’ll review options for publish and subscribe implementations; and I’ll show you how to build a classic router and deal with related messaging and configuration semantics. The point of this session is to provide you with a high level understanding of the rich scenarios WCF supports for messaging, and what those configurations look like.

Michele Leroux Bustamante is an Associate of IDesign, Inc., a Microsoft Regional Director, a speaker for the International .NET Association (INETA), and the author of Learning WCF. At IDesign, Michele contributes her diverse background to .NET training and high-end corporate consulting. She focuses on the C# language, ASP.NET, everything Web services, and also provides guidance to technology executives. Michele is also a frequently published writer and international conference speaker. For more information visit www.idesign.net or Michele's blog at www.dasblonde.com

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