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Title: Off the Rails - Why You Should Use Merb for Your Next Project w/ Brock Whitten

Summary: I feel that 'web services' is the future of the web and Merb is more suited for this due to its speed and flexibility (it's perfect for building an API). This talk is a quick primer on Merb: what its benefits are and why these benefits are important for a developer that is thinking about the web of tomorrow.

Demonstrates building a basic RESTful API from scratch using Merb. This took about 10 min. Once we were done, we had an 'Articles' resource that had the 7 golden(REST) methods. All the methods for accessing the resource understood HTTP, XML, JSON and YAML. What this does for us is gives us many ways to access our resource.

About Brock Whitten:
I write applications using Ruby frameworks such as Ruby on Rails and Merb. I am intimate with RESTful principals and am known as an AJAX junkie. I think in terms of 'resources' and 'web services'. I believe whole heartedly in open-source software and have a passion for furthering my local community.

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