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Indi will give you a deep understanding of people's motivations and thought-processes, along with the emotional and philosophical landscape in which they are operating. You use mental models to align your design strategy with how people work. This intensive two-day course will help product designers, web designers and business strategists develop digital, physical, and environmental interactions that help people accomplish their goals.

* Understand the user experience before making design and strategic decisions,
* Provide your organization with a clear roadmap of where it should – and shouldn’t - invest its energies,
* Speak to your customers in their language, not in the language of internal processes/structures,
* Be confident about your design decisions by grounding them in research data,
* Learn to decide on generative or evaluative research for the proper circumstances, and do better than surveys,
* Stop the continual redesign process by deriving an information architecture from users' tasks,
* Get everyone—from discordant team members to busy executives—thinking alike with respect to design and strategy,
* Prevent disagreements about data interpretations within or across design teams.

There are special ALIA discount rates of 15% - saving you $300.00! So to claim your ALIA membership, or to find out how you can become a member and take advantage of our ALIA rates, please contact us at [email protected] or call us on +61 2 9436 4255.

Official Website: http://www.keyforums.com.au

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