7620 Katy Freeway
Houston, Texas

Sol-Caritas redefines men•o•pause/ˈmen-all-pause/
Noun: Cutting-edge comedy show; collaboration of women with incomparable talent; an ensemble characterized by hot flashes of comic brilliance; the period in a woman’s life where her comedic talent peaks; comedy experience that’s a change of life; the latest installment from Sol-Caritas making a difference with comedy one event at a time.
Used in a sentence: “What the comedy industry needs is a severe case of Men-All-Pause”

Developed in collaboration with fledgling Houston-based enterprise “The Pink Book”, the event features 5 of the funniest, most talked about female comics packing over 50 years of combined experience in an unprecedented and professionally produced display of comedic girl power! The incomparable, side-splitting talents of stand-up artists Kiana Dancie, Jennifer Jermany, Kristin Lindner, Stacy “Sticky” Anderson, and Chaunte Wayans comprise a lineup that promises a rapid fire display of raw hilarity wrapped perfectly in a diverse package. Hosted by the dynamic and funny Terry “The Grossmann” Gross, a show of this caliber can only mean one thing: lucky audience members can dispel everything they think they know about comedy. These ladies will set an exceptional standard few will reach and all will emulate. With talent seen on BET, Comedy Central, VH1 and The Monique Show, “Men All Pause” shows are breaking all the rules. The producers and performers are dismantling all the myths and misconceptions about female ensembles and re-building the image to reflect the value and relevance these collaborations represent. It’s about stirring the senses and raising awareness about this misunderstood concept. The all-female line-up rouses interest. Their cutting edge performances confirm that ultimately it’s about the material not the cast. Girl power is what they bring not who they are. Femininity is the essence that enhances, not defines what “Men All Pause” stands for.

Tickets are on sale now at www.sol-caritas.com. For discounted tickets and VIP seating for groups larger than 10, please contact Melissa Smith at 713-409-6518 or [email protected]. For information on the artists or booking, please contact Carlos Wallace at 832-797-3671 or [email protected].

Official Website: http://goo.gl/9A4fo

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