600 E Burnside St.
Portland, Oregon

I want all of my friends to get together and have a really good time. I want to laugh and dance and drink girlie whiskey drinks. We will not stay at rontoms the whole night. There will be dancing involved.

I hope someone will bring chocolate/chocolate cupcakes from Saint Cupcake.

Kiala Kazebee will come up from San Francisco for the festivities.

Gifts in the form of lacey bits will be accepted. Gifts in any form will be accepted, but lacey bits are encouraged.

No gift? No problem-- you're required to kiss the birthday girl on the cheek and give her your best wishes for the coming year. She can call these good wishes in at any point over her 34th year.

Karaoke and strippers will also, in some way, play their roles.

Official Website: http://www.melissalion.com/

Added by Melissa Lion on May 13, 2009



i have never been this excited for anything. Not even when I touched AJ MacLean's hand! You know, AJ MacLean of Backstreet Boys fame!

Melissa Lion

Yay! I'm excited too!


Bah! I'll be working up at Chop 3 that night.

Melissa Lion

Will-- If we are not too drunk, we will come see you.