Level 6, 580 St Kilda Road
Melbourne, Victoria 3004

August Meeting

Website Usability Testing - Sandrine Balbo - 7:15-8:00 pm

In this presentation on Web Site Usability Testing, Sandrine will cover:

* Why test? Setting testing objectives
* Setting testing objectives
* Choosing appropriate testing methods (expert reviews, surveys, observations, etc)
* Determining when to test
* Determining the number of users to test (if any)
* Attaining both internal and external feedback
* Considering the cost vs benefit of testing

Unit Testing with PHPUnit - Ben Cornwell - 8:15-9:00 pm

Unit testing is a programming technique that aids in the development of robust, reliable code and gives developers piece of mind in knowing that their code functions as expected. Based on JUnit, PHPUnit is the defacto standard unit testing framework for PHP: it is easy to install, straight-forward to work with, and actively maintained.

This presentation will cover:

* Introducing PHPUnit
* Installing PHPUnit
* Writing PHPUnit test cases
* Running your tests
* Using test suites to 'group' your tests, and
* Using mock objects

Socialising & Networking - 9:00pm onward

After the meeting we'll be moving downstairs to the Cartel Bar, for an informal chat over a few cold ones.

Pizza, softdrink, tea, coffee and comfy swivel chairs will be provided with compliments of our major sponsor, Hitwise.

Official Website: http://phpmelb.org

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