366 Brunswick Street
Fitzroy, Victoria 3065

It's a day of blogging!

Purpose: This meetup is mainly for the slacker i.e. me to catch up with their metroblogging commitment i.e. at least 3 posts a week. Nah, just joking! It's for a day of fun and blogging!

Things to bring:
- interesting materials to blog about / share (Do your research now!)
- Laptop and chargers! (We don't know how long we are going to stay...)

Things to do:
- feed yourself
- satisfy your alcohol cravings
- blogging (we can even save up some posts for publishing later - that's if you end up with zillion posts at the end of the day)
- chit-chatting
- enjoying free wi-fi

Do come along even you do not have a laptop, we can always share! I am pretty sure none of us could be blogging every single second...

And btw, shall we publicise this prior to the event so that interested readers could drop by?

Official Website: http://melbourne.metblogs.com

Added by strausser on March 5, 2007



Gala Darling is attending.


lets do a video poda cast from there


have fun guys...