Munich, Bavaria D-85747

Date & Location

MEIS'08 is a one-day workshop which takes place in München (Germany) on Thursday, Sept. 11, as part of the Conference Informatik 2008 (which is from Sept. 8-13, 2008).
It is the successor of the successful workshop MEIS'06 at the Conference Informatik 2006

Interaction with mobile devices and embedded systems has become a part of everyday life. As mobile devices get more sophisticated and embedded systems are increasingly interconnected the creation of usable interactive software poses many new challenges. Issues and opportunities arise from emerging novel paradigms in user interfaces. In particular tangible interaction, device and interfaces ecologies, and implicit interaction create new requirements for user centred design and system development.
Topics of interest

* novel tangible user interfaces and interaction metaphors
* new interaction techniques for mobile and embedded interactive systems
* new interface technologies and concepts
* sensing and actuator technologies for mobile and embedded interactive systems
* camera-based mobile interaction techniques
* alternative sensory modalities, e.g. auditory and tactile feedback
* ad-hoc user interfaces for multiple device orchestration
* ad-hoc interaction with embedded systems via handheld devices
* software models and frameworks
* methods, tools, models and design guidelines for emerging user interfaces
* evaluation methods and tools for novel user interfaces
* prototyping mobile and embedded interactive systems
* experience of creating everyday objects that become user interfaces
* experience reports on building, using, and deploying mobile and embedded interactive systems

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