2201 Shattuck Avenue
Berkeley, California 94704

Saturday, March 24 - Megan Seely
7:00 PM at Cody's Fourth Street in Berkeley

MEGAN SEELY discusses FIGHT LIKE A GIRL: How to Be a Fearless Feminist. This powerful blueprint for young women today offers a fearless vision for the future of feminism. By boldly detailing what is at stake for women and girls today, Megan Seely outlines the necessary steps to achieve true political, social and economic equity for all. Reclaiming feminism for a new generation, FIGHT LIKE A GIRL speaks to young women who embrace feminism in substance but not necessarily in name. With an eye toward what it takes to create actual change, Seely offers a practical guide for how to get involved, take action and wage successful events and campaigns. Exploring such issues as body image and self-acceptance, education and empowerment, health and sexuality, political representation, economic justice, and violence against women FIGHT LIKE A GIRL emphasizes the strength that women and girls independently, and collectively, embody, as it delves into the politics of the feminist movement. Megan Seely is a third wave feminist and activist. She was the youngest-ever elected president of California National Organization for Women, serving two terms from 2001 to 2005. An activist from a very young age, she has been involved in community organizing and feminist activism on local, state and national levels. She lives and teaches in Northern California. 7:00 PM at Cody's Fourth Street, Berkeley

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