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This Friday we're kicking off a weekend of metaverse mayhem set around a Metaverse Roadmap workshop and the Metaverse U conference at Stanford University http://metaverse.stanford.edu . At 6 o'clock a gaggle of speakers and attendees from those events will be at the British Bankers Club imbibing food and drink and singing tales of video games, virtual worlds, geomania, lifestreaming, and a social web transformed. Check out the Metaverse U speakers for a taste of what kind of people will be there: http://metaverse.stanford.edu/speakers . I don't know exactly who will be there or how late we'll go because I don't control people, people control people, but there will be a bunch of us and if you come join us you will have fun with some of your favorite metaverse super heroes. Guaranteed.

Write me at [email protected] if you have any questions or want to say hey beforehand.

Added by Jerry P on February 11, 2008