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Windows Phone 7 comes out this fall and this is your first opportunity to see a device in person. We should have a least one Windows Phone 7 development device available.

Microsoft has a history of colossal successes and failures. As the Windows Phone 7 release approaches, it's sure to be big (reports say the marketing alone will be a $400 million affair), but will it be a success? Early reviews are positive, but can a company miss the mobile boat by 3+ years and still make a competitive product?

And it's not just the marketing effort and the Windows brand that make this phone interesting. Windows Phone 7 makes a statement. It isn't another "me too" copy of the iPhone. Windows Phone 7 has a very unique user interface with similar information grouped into hubs.

Join local Silverlight expert Erik Mork as talks about what Windows Phone 7 is and what it means for developers and consumers. We'll discuss its phenomenal strengths and shocking weaknesses. We dive into the new user interface paradigms the phone uses. We'll also look into a comparison of developing on Windows Phone 7 versus iOS. But most of all, we'll examine one company's view of what the future holds for Mobile.

About Erik Mork

Erik is a Microsoft Silverlight MVP and Microsoft Silverlight Insider. His consulting company does premiere design and development for desktop and (increasingly) mobile platforms. He and his team are dedicated to crafting fantastic user experiences on a variety of platforms.

Official Website: http://mobileportland.com

Added by grigs on September 16, 2010