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With Paul Sanders (The Times), Gary Knight (VII Photography), David Viggers (Reuters News Pictures) and Stephen Mayes (World Press Photo). Others TBC.

In the age of image manipulation we look at whether we can believe what we see in a photograph and define the line between ‘retouching” and “doctoring”.

Photographs were once considered a reflection of reality. But the digital revolution means that anyone with editing software can dramatically alter an image. It's one thing to remove red eyes from holiday snaps, or even extra pounds from a celebrity's body, but quite another to manipulate pictures of war and conflict.

Should photography be a ‘mirror of reality’ or should it become a way to engage the audience emotionally? Is electronic image manipulation an evil or an important photographic tool like a long lens or a light filter?

Join us as we look into the rights and wrongs of image manipulation.

Paul Sanders - Picture Editor, The Times

Gary Knight – VII Photogaphy

David Viggers – Chief Photographer UKI, Reuters News Pictures

Stephen Mayes - Director of the Image Archive at Art Commerce, New York, and Secretary to the jury of the World Press Photo Contest.

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