Sonnenstraße 25
München, Bavaria D-80331

On September 7.-8., 2006 the Media in Transition 2006 Conference, hosted in Munich, Germany, will be discussing the structural transition in the media industry – how the Internet is modifying the way media is produced, distributed and consumed. We have invited innovative Internet media companies, researchers and strategists from U.K., U.S.A. and Europe.

# Media Content Management
* "Search Inside the Book": Amazon's Digital Book
* User-Generated TV Content
* Personalized Internet Radio
# Web Tools: Web 2.0 Trends
* Yahoo! Web Services: Flickr and Web APIs
* Blog Networks & Social Software
* Online Payment Systems
* Search Engine Optimization
# Media Distribution
* Viral Media Distribution with Peer 2 Peer Networks
* Online Media Licensing
* Digital Rights Management
* Media E-Commerce
# Media Marketing & Strategy
* Web 2.0 Impulse for Media
* Streaming on the Web
* Media Technology and Hardware-trends
* Mobile Marketing

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