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The Media Futures Conference is a one day exploration of the dynamics and trends shaping the future of media. We will discuss future media in broader terms, and in a more grounded fashion, than it is usually addresses. The societal and social context of media will be key, and we will look at social trends shaping media adoption and use, and the real lives of the people we knew as 'users'.

Considering all the skills involved – from research and development, through design and engineering, to marketing and product support – we will ask how the innovation process might be improved, without forgetting the centrality of the material (written, graphical, photographic, aural, time-based) about which real people really care.

We will look into projects, from research to development and realisation, while looking out at the character and scope of innovation needed to deliver the future media we deserve.

The conference will include an all day Expo of pioneering work from research labs, universities, commercial studios and inspired individuals. We are inviting attendees to submit short provocations around the themes of the conference to stimulate attendees' thinking, and these will be presented during the brown bag lunch.

In advance we will facilitate discussion of, and help attendees brief themselves on, the key conference themes.

The Media Futures Conference is run by the BBC and produced and programmed by Nico Macdonald of Innovation Agenda.

There is no cost to attend the conference. Further information and registration can be found on the event homepage. (Indicating Attending on this page doesn't constitute registration.)

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