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ToRCHI Talk: 'Media for the Masses: Surfing the Million Channel Wave' by Leonardo Ruppenthal, Senior Usability Expert, Bell Web Solutions

Place: University of Toronto, Bahen Centre, 40 St George St, Room 2175 (Second Floor)

Cost: Members Free, ToRCHI annual membership $20, ACM members $15, students $10. Non members admission $5

ABSTRACT: We are witnessing a profound shift in the way people access video; the internet era has generated a profusion of content, programming, devices, software, and modes of interaction. Users in search of ever greater choice and flexibility are departing from traditional media distribution systems (such as standard television broadcast) and are experimenting with new alternatives like video-on-demand, personal video recorders, peer-to-peer file sharing, video sharing websites, and online rental.
Although these new modes of media consumption offer great promise, the transition has not been seamless. Users are challenged by interfaces that are difficult to learn and use, and frustrated that their previously successful strategies no longer work. An evening of media entertainment should not come at the expense of hours of effort.
As members of the user experience and design community, we are tasked with designing better media delivery interfaces. As a preliminary exercise, it is valuable to explore how user requirements and capabilities for media consumption have changed over time, and to study the successes and failures of past efforts.

SPEAKER BIOGRAPHY: Leonardo Ruppenthal, a senior user experience consultant at Bell Web Solutions, will discuss these issues as he explores the evolving landscape of media delivery and consumption, and its implications for user interaction. To illustrate his points, Leonardo will refer to research and development of recent Bell television services.

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