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London, England

Modern web browsers are now better capable of rendering advanced CSS than ever before. From highly targeted CSS selectors to new ways to work with layout, colour and typography, if you are a web designer or developer, working with CSS has never been more exciting.

‘Advanced CSS Styling’; is a unique one-day master class presented by Andy Clarke, designer and author of the best-selling Transcending CSS. Spend the day with Andy learning how to use the most up-to-date CSS techniques in your everyday work.

== What will be covered? ==

In this very full day you will learn

* how to design balanced, inspired layouts using advanced CSS positioning techniques
* new ways to work with colour using RGBa
* how to use multiple background and border images
* how to work with text and box shadows
* all about CSS gradients, reflections and transitions
* the latest techniques for designing in a browser
* how to test your designs for web accessibility throughout your design process

Of course the browser landscape is varied and each browser supports different CSS properties. You will learn how to design around, rather than hack around these natural differences to create experiences that are enjoyable for everyone, no matter which browser they use. We'll also be covering:

* how to improve a browser’s CSS support using Javascript
* Modernizr and how it will help you to design around browser support
* when using Universal Internet Explorer 6 is appropriate

Web typography is one of the hottest topics in web design and development. As a self-confessed typography perfectionist, Andy will teach you:

* how to work with font embedding solutions including Typekit, Kernest and Cufon
* how to create striking, readable type with typographic hierarchies
* how to improve typography with kerning, leading and baseline shifts

Added by Web Directions on February 3, 2010