52 Upper Street
London, England N1 0QH

The notoriously smooth, content-rich, forward-thinking conference for web design professionals returns next year with a bang. Educational. Inspirational. Best-practices. The cutting-edge. @media 2007. Coming to a continent near you.

Europe's foremost web design event will be better than ever before, raising the bar with the help of Jesse James Garrett, Jon Hicks, Kelly Goto, and Jason Santa Maria, amongst others.

The web site is now live, and registration is open!

Update: The schedule is now in place, and you'll find a few new sessions and speakers on it, including accessibility main-man Joe Clark, WaSP Group Lead Drew McLellan, and the father of CSS Håkon Wium Lie.

Official Website: http://www.vivabit.com/atmedia2007/europe/

Added by ptg on September 22, 2006



yeah i got an email through about this today. no doubt highly expensive. though i wonder if the 2007 bags will be cooler.


As luck would have it, my 2006 bag (which has seen a lot of use) got caught in the tube door on the way home, and so was (mis)treated to a bumpy ride for 3 stops against the Bakerloo line tunnel wall. Much laughter from people on train. Much weeping from me when I saw the sorry state it had been left in. I was going to suggest no bags for next year but now I've changed my mind!

Victor N

Already a fantastic line-up! See you all there :-)


9 months to fight for funding to go! Can I make it three in a row? ;-)


Funding is always an issue... Hope they don't raise the price - around £400+ for two days and some socializing + travel + hotel is a bit pricy - but there are lots of people from all over Europe attending. And I hope to make 3 in a row... ;-)


excellent, can't wait


well i'm not guarenteed of course (as tickets not on sale yet) but what the heck - I'll say I'll be there and see what happens!


As fedtmule suggests, I reckon the price for this great event will continue to rise each year... although it's worth remembering that you get what you pay for and if we all want top quality speakers, food, venue and socialising then we'll need to pay...


I dont understand what you are saying


Does anyone know when registration opens?


Ooh! I'm on the speaker list, I guess I'd better go then!


Boo... have a family holiday booked this week. Oh well, just have to do d.construct instead (although I would have done that as well!)


A little early I know but anyone recommend a hotel? Cheers


Hotels: Jury's Inn seems to be both close to the venue and "reasonably" priced...

Last year there was a get-together on Saturday. Any plans for that this year?


It's a pity I can't come and see and listen... Too expensive to travel for me, although I'm in Europe... Ahh... Maybe next time :D


Still high on FOWA, but already looking forward to this. Patrick assures me it will be enjoyable, which comes as no suprise with this line up of speakers! :-D


I'll be there (with knobs on)


I am going too!


A mere 3 days away and the company credit card comes out. See you all on Thursday (or Wednesday for the pre-conference drinks?)


Anyone know if there is a general pub people will be heading to Wednesday (tonight) for those arriving early from out of town?


Try The Old Queen's Head on Essex Road (just up the road from the venue) from 7pm (http://rubyurl.com/gEG).

Interested 419