Rothera Point
Adelaide Island, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

After much effort pulling this one together, it's damned exciting to announce the latest @media (ad)venture: @media Antarctica.

It's kind of like the ultimate extreme geek holiday. To SxSW's rainy daytrip to the nearby pebbly beach, this is a sunny snowboarding safari on a tropical island. With a top quality conference (and a great line up, as usual) in the most interesting (and extreme!) environment, this one's for the more adventurous forward-thinking web designer.

In today's world geographical barriers are being smashed down, making things like this possible and this event is a respectful tip of the hat to the remarkable international nature of the Internet.

@media is doing so well and is truly shaping up to be exciting this year, but the Antarctic event is going to be spectacular!

Official Website:

Added by ptg on April 1, 2007