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"The last five years have seen the rapid emergence of blogs or public diaries, confessionals and, more specifically, 'medblogs’. Who can resist these peep holes into operating theatres and patients' bedrooms? Often anonymous, frequently scathing, always heartfelt and highly informative, medblogs provide an unprecedented insight into contemporary health issues.

We ask: Why is this form of communication taking off? Does user-generated health content help people make better health decisions? What are the risks and rewards of blogging?

Join our guests as they take a fascinating look behind the scenes of the blogging phenomenon to discover how the digital age is changing the relationship between science and society. This unique event will go online to meet some of the founders, patients and players in the new global health community."

Ann McPherson, doctor, writer and co-founder of DIPEx, multi-award winning health website

John Powell, psychiatrist and physician researching use of the internet and its relations to public health issues

Sophie Petit-Zeman, author of 'What's Up Doc?' and Public Communications Director at the Association of Medical Research Charities

Official Website: http://www.wellcomecollection.org/exhibitionsandevents/events/WTX039486.htm

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