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MeasurementCamp is fun, relevant, and important! Oh, and it's not a weekend, it's a couple of hours once a month.

The purpose of MeasurementCamp is to create a set of open source resources which allow interested parties to better measure and so understand and improve their social media communications online and offline.

MeasurementCamp brings together the varied people of the digital revolution - web developers; buzz monitoring technologists; social media planners; smart PR people - to solve the questions that swirl around 'how do we measure social media?'.

MeasurementCamp is not owned by anyone, seeks to benefit all of its participants and the wider industry and is already starting to make a difference.

Join the movement - visit the wiki...

Official Website: http://measurementcamp.wikidot.com/

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Did you really have to make me go through Yahoo sign-up hell?