Broadway & 60th St. - Time Warner Building
New York City, New York 10019

Lincoln Center Presents:
American Songbook
McSweeney's vs. They Might Be Giants
Wednesday, March 2
The Allen Room
Tickets: $30, $40, $50

Big readers and fans of innovative pop music will jump at this music-meets-literature hoedown featuring best-selling author Dave Eggers (A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius) and author and "This American Life" contributor Sarah Vowell will join New York's favorite band, They Might Be Giants, along with other special guests. The evening is based on Eggers' literary magazine, McSweeney's, in particular issue No. 6, for which They Might Be Giants created a CD insert to accompany the stories and artwork. Readings by Eggers, Vowell, and other authors and some of the best-known tunes performed by They Might Be Giants combine for an event Spin magazine called "One hell of a show." All artist proceeds will benefit 826NYC, a drop-in tutoring center in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

$20 student discount tickets are NOT currently available for this event.

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Added by Remy on January 19, 2005



Event is sold out, but there's a free TMBG show on the 15th at Borders.


anyone wanna buy two tickets - they're row J CENTER? i got too many?


this message is for almostfamous624. i would be interested in the two tickets you said you had for mcsweeneys vs they might be giants. can you email me at [email protected] if they are still available. thanks


I am also interested in purchasing 2 or more of your extra McSweeney's vs TMG tix. Please let me know if you still have any available. Thanks. Please email [email protected]