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'mc chris (Christopher Ward) was born and raised in the north shore suburbs of Chicago. Growing up on a steady diet of G.I Joe, Star Wars and rented betamax tapes, Chris discovered alternative hip hop acts in high school that included the Pharcyde, De la Soul, Tribe Called Quest, and Black Sheep. After randomly meeting David Willis, creator of "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" and voice of Carl and Meatwad, mc went on to animate the first few seasons of “Sealab 2021.” Adult Swim became a hit and mc chris was thrust into the spotlight as the voice of MC Pee Pants. During his entire stint with Adult Swim, mc was writing rhymes, recording music and self-releasing albums. Albums were followed by T-shirts, and mc was soon moonlighting as a rapper. mc has hopes of returning to his cartoon home around 2010 with a project of his very own, "battle hi."'

Official Website: http://www.foxtheatre.com/JabbaWeb/Floatee.aspx?ShowId=14928

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