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First devised by the Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto in 1909, the 80:20 rule has been used to analyse and improve businesses ever since. The simple insight provided by the 80:20 rule is that a few factors have a disproportionately large influence on business success. Most revenue comes from a few customers, most new visitors arrive from a few marketing initiatives, most interest is focused on a few pieces of content. In essence, 80% of the value you can add to your business comes from managing 20% of the factors under your control - the challenge is to find out which factors have most impact on your business.

This quick-fire workshop will explore 8 different ways that the 80:20 rule can be applied to make both immediate and medium-term improvements to digital businesses. Ranging across the acquisition, conversion and retention phases of the business cycle, it will help you discover what to focus on first; which are the most important things to improve; how to make most bangs for your buck?


1. New customers
2. Retained customers
3. Email address management
4. Search keywords
5. Search engine optimisation
6. Landing pages
7. Content / products
8. Conversion leakage

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